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My entry for #AltRamonaContest by Radiomaru about recoloring Ramona Flowers, hope I dont get disqualified for running the extra mile and adding recolors from the other characters also, and cuz I opened this account for the contest, tho Im liking this tumblr thingie, I might become a convert.

I really love the scott pilgrim universe, already own the box set, movie and game, and it played, along my little pony and one piece, a mayor role on how my girlfriend and I starting breaking the ice when we first meet.

now for the sob story (people that know me can skip this as its not nice to remember), despite what I said before about owning scott pilgrim stuff, Im quite broke at the moment, mind you not “Ihavenothingtoeat” broke, Im actually writing this from a laptop with internet, in a department with AC etc, but Im broke in the “I have debts and i cant buy me nice things without remose cuz I need to save my money for more priority stuff”

its not either that I have no job or anything, I get (by this country standards) food pay and standar office work, but you see, I live in mexico, and unfortunately I was victim last year of an extortion and kidnap (drug cartels run wild here and some heartless people take advantage of that fear to extortion and drain money from honest workers and their families like me) so it took a very deep blow, all my savings gone, then my car got beaten by a biblical proportion hail and just recently got it from the shop back, so I been hanging in the line of barely making to the next paycheck to mantain an aceptable level of medium class life here.

So, winning this contest would be the way of having something nice for me remose free and it would be like spiting in the face of those heartless people that took my money last year.

Thanks for reading, and hope you like my entry enough.

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